3 Habits of Successful College Students

Are you looking for ways to expand your knowledge with successful study habits? You’re in the right place.

Sometimes, college can seem like an extreme sport. Between classes, volunteer work, making time to stay active, and a number of other responsibilities, college keeps your schedule full.

There are a few ways to manage your class work with study habits that will make the information actually STICK!

  1. Invest in a good agenda

  2. Pull out the notecards

  3. Stop cramming the night before

Invest in a good agenda

For starters, get yourself a good agenda. Write out your important dates and highlight them. Those dates will include test days, homework due dates, scheduled greek life, etc. You’re more likely to keep up with an agenda than you are a sticky note. You can’t possibly keep everything straight in your brain! Having an agenda is definitely a responsible move. If you don’t want an agenda to carry around, then opt for a desk calendar to keep in your room.

Pull out the notecards

Take things back to high school, and pull out the notecards. I know it sounds silly, but they are the easiest way to study. Think about it, you are memorizing the information while you are writing out the notecards, and then you are continuing to refer back to the information while you are quizzing yourself. You can also use the notecards with a fellow classmate, and quiz each other. If you don’t want to carry around notecards, then make yourself a quizlet. Quizlet is a virtual notecard system that you can easily access on your phone or laptop. Having the notecards in hand will keep you away from the distraction of your phone or laptop.

Stop cramming the night before

Lack of sleep, stress, and short term memory do not mix. Cramming in the library with an energy drink isn’t the way to pass your tests! You don’t have to spend hours every single day studying. It is absolutely possible have a social life while making good grades. You have to be willing to set aside a little bit of time each day for studying. Make your notecards, and go through them on the bus back to your apartment. Look over them while you’re waiting for class to start. Have your roommate quiz you while you’re eating dinner.

Good grades pay off! Showing that you’re invested in your grades makes you a candidate for high ticket scholarships as well as important internships. You don’t have to spend your whole life buried in your books, but you do have to be committed to success. Use a calendar to keep track of your important dates. Grab yourself some notecards to study with. Study a little bit each day, and stop the library cramming until 3AM!

Do you have a question related to studying, success, internships, or college in general? Feel free to reach out! Gold Star Scholars is here to help.

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